Friday, November 4, 2016

November 4th,

The Supt Dish           
                                                           November 4, 2016     

It is hard to believe that almost eleven weeks of school are completed and Thanksgiving break is in two weeks. Time has flown by! Walking through campuses, I see many great activities in classrooms and students engaged in learning. Volleyball, football, cross-country, band and other extra-curricular activities are performing at the highest levels. Our fine arts department is preparing to perform their first musical in several years. Staff and students are working in teams and collaborating. It is wonderful to witness such tremendous pride.
Last year, I attended a leadership conference at Google headquarters in Austin. I must say that it was one of the most enjoyable conferences I have attended in recent years. We learned about what Google expects of their employees and many strategies they use in employee and leadership development.
One item that was shared is hiring UNIQUE people. Webster’s definition of unique is “being the only one; being without a like or equal; and distinctly characteristic.” Google defines unique as “something or someone is unlike anything or anyone.” An acronym that Google has is:
U – unwavering belief that anything is possible
N – needs feedback to learn and grow
I – innovative
Q – questioning skills
U – understands the perspective of others
E – emergent leader

Looking at our school district, we are blessed to have UNIQUE employees. You have fostered learning environments in which students learn to solve complex problems, work in teams developing teamwork skills, and are creating future leaders. We must continue our journey in reaching our goals. I am proud of what each of you has accomplished the first eleven weeks in
“Shaping the Path” for our students to be successful. Thank you for being UNIQUE! GISD, Preserving the Past, Preparing the Future!

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