Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1, 2016

The Supt Dish                 
                                                                    April 1, 2016

It is a busy time of the year this spring as it is every spring. Students and staff are involved in several extra-curricular activities from track, baseball, softball, tennis, and golf to FFA, One Act Play, UIL Academics and upcoming field trips. We are very proud of how our students are performing at these activities. This is also the time of year in which we begin administering state assessments.
I would like to commend students and staff for their perseverance during the recent STAAR and EOC exams this week. In particular, our students and teachers who were involved with the English I EOC administered on Tuesday. These students and teachers experienced several technology glitches in which the students lost all their answers, some more than once. This was very frustrating and I commend you for your perseverance.
I was quite pleased to see our new commissioner of education, Mike Morath, respond to what was a state-wide problem through the new assessment vendor, Educational Testing Service (ETS). Commissioner Morath, who is a former Dallas ISD school board member, stated that these technical issues where “unacceptable and undermine the hard work of our students and teachers.”  I commend the commissioner for his quick response. Whatever the problem was, we are glad that our students taking the EOC English II exam did not experience many “glitches.”
As we continue to move forward and plan for next year, we have several professional development activities that some of our administrators will be attending in the next several weeks. These include “Digital Learning Design-Transforming Our Schools” with Alan November and “Embracing Transformational Leadership.” Our leadership team looks forward to bringing back several strategies to assist in 2016-17.
Thank you students and staff for working tirelessly in the pursuit of excellence. You continue to overcome daily challenges through teamwork and a willingness to succeed. Educator Angela Maiers ( once said, “When we dwell in possibility, we help others to do the same. This helps them dream, hope, and plan for a brighter future.”

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