Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22nd

The Supt Dish           
                                                              April 22, 2016

Springtime is my favorite season of the year. Flowers begin to bloom, birds are chirping, the lawn is green, and the weather is very comfortable. It is also a time when I usually tune in to the Masters’ Golf Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Even if you are not a golf enthusiast, you may want to watch this tournament just to view the beauty of the course with the dogwoods, magnolias and azaleas in full bloom.
Going in to this year’s tournament, Jordan Spieth, a native Texan, was the defending champion. As I watched the tournament, Jordan led the first three days and through the first nine holes on the last day. Leading by five strokes with nine holes to play, Jordan had a major collapse playing through the legendary “Amen Corner” including hitting his ball in the water twice on one hole. One had to feel sorry to see such a nice young man suffer through an embarrassing four-hole stretch with the world watching. When asked by a reporter what happened, Jordan replied “it hurt.”
I use this illustration because in our business as educators, we witness many times a student “hurts” when they are not successful. Sometimes a student hurts after an extra-curricular activity when they do not perform successfully. Sometimes a student “hurts” when they thought they did well on a test, but did not. When we see the hurt in these students, we are in a position to work with them so they can perform better the next time they compete or take an exam. The relationships we form with students have a tremendous impact on our students.
Jordan Spieth fell on that Sunday afternoon at Augusta National. Like all professional athletes, he surrounds himself with good people, family and friends, who will assist him in “bouncing back”.  He relies on those close to him to encourage and support him in his quest to be the best. Our students rely on us to continue to teach, mentor, and support them in their quest for knowledge and to be the best. Through your relationships, our students can “bounce back” quickly after facing adversity.
We are having a great year at Goliad ISD. With GHS currently in 2nd place for the UIL’s prestigious Lone Star Cup, our students continue to perform at a high level. Our One Act Play has advanced to State! Danielle Garza is advancing to State in tennis for the second consecutive year! We have several students and teams advancing in district and area competition. Our students continue to benefit from your leadership and mentoring. May the spring continue to bring memorable experiences for all. 

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